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July 2019
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Election with Selection

Phil Goff
John Key

Well, the general election is over.

It was pretty much like elections everywhere; largely a duel of wits between unarmed opponents. No answers, but lots of different names for the problems.

I therefore present a New Zealand political addendum to the fully encompassing “Religions of the world

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Rant:History Repeating

Politician Polling

Last night I had a dream.

More of a nightmare really; I dreamed that I answered my front door, only to find a bloke wearing a fake tan, a blue rosette and a plastic surgery smile that wouldn’t look out of place on an American home shopping ad, standing on my front porch.

Being the suave urbane sophisticate that I am, I should have asked the canvasser if he liked sex and travel (“then f*ck off!”). But the subconscious being what it is, I was forced to endure a 10-minute national party infomercial, starring John Key, along with an assorted supporting cast of the usual players, Muppets one and all.

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Last of the Liberal Lions

Teddy Kennedy (Jan 2009)

News today that the last of the Kennedy brothers, Teddy Kennedy has died after a long battle with a brain tumour.

Despite living in the shadows of his more famous martyred siblings John and Robert for much of his life (and with the ghost of his brother Joseph who was killed in WWII – Teddy was the only one of the four brothers to die of natural causes), Teddy Kennedy was a highly influential figure in US politics for decades.

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Reciprocity on Republicans

Hurricane Gustav 2008

A few days back, a particularly dim Republican God-botherer called the “Rev.” James Dobson (interestingly, an anagram of his name is:”Demon Ass Job” lol) asked his so-called “Christian” parish to pray that torrential rain would disrupt Obama’s acceptance speech, at the Democratic convention in Denver.

But it seems that the Lord got a mite pissed off with that request.

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Rant: Indefensible

MoD sign

You know it’s funny…every time I think that Sir Humprey’s snivil servants and the Whitehall worms can’t possibly screw up anything else, I read another story which illustrates even more monumental failings.

The recent reluctant admission by the Ministry of Defense, that more than 100 USB memory sticks, some containing secret information, have been lost or stolen from the Ministry of Defense since 2004, is a new low in data protection balls-ups.

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Rant: An Open Letter to the British Electorate

John Major

Dear fellow voters,

I’m sure you enjoyed (as I did) watching the worms at Whitehall squirm as they got their arses roundly kicked in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election yesterday, as they also did in the recent local elections.

I’m certainly no fan of either the government or the Labour party in general, but before we start down the road of handing the next election to the Tories, let’s take a quick stroll down amnesia lane…to the last Tory-held government of 1990 to 1997…
(insert squiggly line scene fade and surreal music here)

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Up Yours George!

Dubya. Photo:Wikimedia Commons

Welcome news about the US mid-term elections which saw a massive protest vote turn the tide significantly against Dubya and his cronies.

Although Dubya can still use his presidential veto to override the will of Congress, it will at least mean that the White House won’t be able to get a republican controlled congress to rubber-stamp everything that comes down the line.

The news the Democrats manage to regain control of both houses of congress was made sweeter by the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, who may even face charges in Germany for alleged abuses in Guantanamo Bay and Iraq. Here’s hoping…

Isn’t it nice to have something in politics to smile about at times?

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