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June 2019
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The Peg Leg Tavern (ballad to a Sydney landmark)

Visit the Peg Leg website (opens in new tab/window)

Just returned from a short break to Oz.

Had a fantastic time as always; too many great experiences to recount but there is one in particular that I wanted to do a little rave about.

In keeping with the unique nature of it’s historic status and character, I therefore present an ode to one of Sydney’s best kept secrets:-

The Peg Leg Tavern

On the edge of Darling Harbour,
not far from Pyrmont Street,
in the city’s part, that still has heart,
is a crew that you should meet.

They run a little haven,
from the pressures of the world,
No place for drones, just skull and bones,
on flags that are unfurled.

The tavern’s called The Peg Leg,
and it don’t pay to be coy,
so park your arse and raise a glass,
and hear them shout ‘AHOY!”.

It ain’t no plastic city bar,
that leaves you feeling cold,
it’s warm and fun, with a six-score rum,
assortment that is sold.

There’s Manuel whose from warmer climes,
and Collin from the cold,
and they created Peg Leg,
a place that’s pure gold.

On special days there’s Anna,
with beautiful long red hair,
who speaks of deep philosophy,
and has a gorgeous derrière!

There’s also Steve and Scotty,
propping up the bar,
swapping jokes and lighting smokes,
and never going far.

There’s Aiden, Matt and artist Dave,
all in to drown their sorrows,
there’s Louis and there’s Aaron,
who might be here tomorrow.

A hempire beer to start with,
in sunshine, rain or fog,
then dip a spoon in a “Blue Lagoon”,
or “Gunpowder and Grog”.

If stunning choice of rum and gin,
or whisky is your mood,
or beer or wine? Hell! that’s just fine,
and maybe order food.

Upstairs there is the hotel,
the cheapest rooms in town,
just the place to wash your face,
and lay your tired head down.

Everything’s so handy,
no real walk at all,
from danish swirls to pretty girls,
you’re sure to have a ball.

And when the tavern closes,
you bid a fond farewell,
then stumble out into the night,
and think: “Who should I tell?”.

“About this little haven,
not far from Pyrmont street,
with laughs and fun and six-score rum,
and warming smiles that greet”.

Remember how much fun it was,
and that you had a ball,
don’t shy or pout, don’t muck about,
Make sure you tell them ALL!


EDIT:It’s with a deep sense of sadness that we have to report that the Peg Leg has not survived the economic aftermath of the COVID pandemic and has regrettably closed it’s doors. We wish Collin and Manuel all the best for the future. cry

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11 Comments for: The Peg Leg Tavern (ballad to a Sydney landmark)

  1. Visitor Comment # 1
    Johnny Jones : (Visitor)

    Love it. I have to visit there when I am next in Sydney.

  2. Visitor Comment # 2

    Awesome article Phil

  3. Visitor Comment # 3
    Michael : (Visitor)

    After reading your review (liked your poem!) I went to the Peg Leg last week on a flying visit to Sydney. What a great place!

  4. Visitor Comment # 4
    Cindy Shaw : (Visitor)

    Cant wait to visit this place

  5. Visitor Comment # 5
    Andrew McCullogh : (Visitor)

    Liked your video clip and I love rum so I will have to check it out.

  6. Visitor Comment # 6
    John Stahl : (Visitor)

    Rum, here I come!

  7. Author Comment # 7

    Thanks for all the comments folks. I’m confident that those of you who have yet to visit the Peg will have a great time when you do.

  8. Visitor Comment # 8

    I want to try the grog drink

  9. Visitor Comment # 9
    Graham Norton : (Visitor)

    Gotta get over there

  10. Visitor Comment # 10
    Lucy Marks : (Visitor)

    Ooooh. I love rum!

  11. Visitor Comment # 11

    Rum? Yum!

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