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The diaTribe blog is our occasional take on life, the universe and everything. Observations on current affairs, the environment, politics, humour and music/gig reviews. Travel diary and extreme sports stories, along with the usual rants/raves are also chucked in for good measure.

July 2024
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ArchivesBy Author: Phil

Talentless mug who ends up writing most of the articles on diaTribe. You can read about Phil in his about page in the Bandanna Club website.


Cyclone Gabrielle – Preparation Lessons Learned

Wikipedia: Cyclone Gabrielle (opens in new tab/window)

2023 has been a tough year weather-wise.

January saw record-breaking rainfall across much of the North Island of New Zealand, with more than 260mm of rain falling on south and west Auckland in just 24 hours. In the far north, wind-speeds of up to 140kph were recorded. Four people were killed in flash floods and landslides and hundred of homes were destroyed.

But that was just the start…

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Winter Slumber

Winter slumber

While vines slumber in the winter sun
Unaware of footsteps along the rows
of the grower tending canes along the run
between the days where the rainfall flows

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Where I find My Heaven

Bandanna Club Photo Gallery (opens in new tab/window)

Orchard life is fairly tough most of the time.

Day after day, I struggle to keep up with everything that nature throws in our direction. Spring is often unsettled and the risk of damage to new shoots in the vines is high; an entire years work can be destroyed in just a few minutes from a brief shower of hailstones or a few hours of high winds.

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Why The Brits Dislike Trump (Intensely)

Worst President EVER!

Fake News King

Someone on Quora recently asked: “Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?

Granted, the question is blindingly obvious to an increasing number of us (even some Americans) but few of us are capable of properly articulating our feelings and position.

One Brit however, knew exactly how to answer and his reply is the stuff of legends!

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Origins of the Haka

Haka Warrior: Creative Commons (opens in new tab/window)

Last nights RWC quarter-final between New Zealand and Ireland was a match to remember, with some class rugby played by both sides.

It was also a timely reminder to non-AB fans around the world:

DON’T mess with the Haka! razz

It just pisses off the All-Blacks and THAT motivates them like nothing else.

The natural response for teams (and fans) facing the psychological power of the Haka performance, is sometimes to attempt to shout it down, which is what happened last night, when Irish fans – in a spirited and united chorus – drowned out the Haka performance by the All-Blacks, with a rendition of “Fields of Athenry”.

…and that was a BIG mistake!

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The Meaning of Life

Sunset Beach Get Together

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to figure this out. Guess I’m just a slow learner…

If there is one thing the world really needs that is still within our power to give as individuals, it’s more kindness.

Be kind to those around you. Be open and generous, not just of your material resources but of yourself in whatever way you can and whatever way is needed.

Large or small kindness makes no difference, for the will and intention is the same and each act you perform will increase – in a tiny way – the overall happiness of your own life and the lives of those with whom you connect.

There will always be some who mistake kindness for weakness, but this should not deter you as they are still few and the kind are still many, despite what those in power would have us believe. To surrender that aspect of your character is to forsake a huge part of who you are and will only serve to hand a victory to the ruthless and the self-centered of this world. Be kind despite of them and know that victory is yours.

Live, laugh, love, listen, look, think, learn, care, touch, feel, taste, sing, dance and play to find your happiness, and share with others when you can to find joy. No-one finds lasting happiness or joy in the pure pursuit of status, power, wealth or possessions, not because we cannot obtain these things, but because we are doomed not to want them, once we have them.

Far beyond the doctrines of religious belief or social convention, the happiness and joy you help create is the true measure of the value of your life and is found in those small moments of integrity, passion and empathy which – little by little – help lay the foundations for a more enlightened and better world.

I have never found a greater meaning of life than this.


The Peg Leg Tavern (ballad to a Sydney landmark)

Visit the Peg Leg website (opens in new tab/window)

Just returned from a short break to Oz.

Had a fantastic time as always; too many great experiences to recount but there is one in particular that I wanted to do a little rave about.
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