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The diaTribe blog is our occasional take on life, the universe and everything. Observations on current affairs, the environment, politics, humour and music/gig reviews. Travel diary and extreme sports stories, along with the usual rants/raves are also chucked in for good measure.

March 2019
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Struggle & ToilStruggle & Toil

Work, work, work and more work. Relating to job/career subjects.

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Bad day

Just a Farmer

An ode…

It’s fucking dawn,I fucking start
No time to eat or fucking fart
it’s sure as hell no fucking art
on fucking orchards

Fucking stakes and fucking posts
fucking wires and fucking ropes
I must be just a fucking dope
to work on orchards

Fucking clips and fucking ties
fucking pine tar in my eyes
it makes me want to cry
on fucking orchards

Fucking mowing, fucking spraying
and fertilizer laying
fucking weather’s got me praying
on fucking orchards

Fucking rules and fucking regs
made up by fucking dregs
do in my fucking head
on fucking orchards

Fucking tractors breaking down
fucking tanks leaks nearly drown
and shit the water’s BROWN!
on fucking orchards

Another day is fucking done
and down has gone the fucking sun
it ain’t a lot of fucking fun
on fucking orchards

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An Irish view on the Global Recession

This is by far the most accurate, frank and honest appraisal of the Global recession you are ever likely to see

…gotta love the Irish!

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Memo to self…

Came across this great 7-point life philosophy during a web search for something entirely different.

Sometimes I really love the holes in the matrix.

…must try and pay more attention to this stuff rolleyes


7 Life Suggestions (with minor amendments)

  1. Make peace with your past so it doesn’t spoil your present.
  2. What others think of you is none of your business.
  3. Time heals almost everything…if you give Time, some time.
  4. No-one is the reason for your happiness except YOU.
  5. Don’t compare your life journey with others; you have no idea what THEIR journey is about.
  6. It’s all right not to always know all the answers – just don’t stop looking for them.
  7. Smile. You don’t own all the problems in the world.
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So long…and thanks

Bramshill Estate Lake View

Well, my time at the NPIA in Bramshill is now over. It was a very busy 9 months working at my favourite client site and I got a lot done, but as always time caught up with me.

I will miss the terrific team that I was part of, the fantastic site I was lucky enough to work at on and off for over 4 years, the fab meals and the challenging work.

Like any contract, it had it’s down sides on occasion, but on the whole I feel pretty lucky to have worked there.

Ah well – that’s enough looking back – time to look down the road.

So long folks – and thanks for all the fish.

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A year in Bramshill

In the last few weeks, life has been crazy busy, especially in relation to work; both the work I’m currently doing and the volume of work being offered to me.

I recently pontificated about this to a degree, but since then I’ve received two offers of RedDot work, both based in London and paying a rate that makes me salivate even now.

And I turned them both down.

… more »

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Work! Work! Work!

Work Time

Jeez! The old saying about it never rains, it pours is true. Just lately, there seems to be so much that needs to be doing and proportionally little time to do it all in.

Which was why it was incredibly good to catch up with Andy, Tri and the boys for the first time in many months. Looking at their calendar, it seems that they are even busier than we are. Dunno where they find the energy…

… more »

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Back in the NPIA

Bramshill House at Sunset. Photo: Bandanna Club

Well – it’s offical. I’m back at the NPIA again…and it look’s like I’ll be with them for a little while…

As always, I had to hit the ground running and already I’m looking at some tight deadlines for a couple of key website launches. Still, it’s nice to be back at the old familiar places and see the old familiar faces.

… more »

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