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August 2008
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Reciprocity on Republicans

Hurricane Gustav 2008

A few days back, a particularly dim Republican God-botherer called the “Rev.” James Dobson (interestingly, an anagram of his name is:”Demon Ass Job” lol) asked his so-called “Christian” parish to pray that torrential rain would disrupt Obama’s acceptance speech, at the Democratic convention in Denver.

But it seems that the Lord got a mite pissed off with that request.

Instead (s)he seems to have sent the huge Hurricane Gustav ripping through the Mar De Las Antillas (the stretch of water that includes Haiti, the Caymans, the Dominican Republic), up through Cuba and into the Gulf of Mexico, heading straight for Louisiana…where ironically the Republicans are having their convention and where Dubya is due to deliver his speech…about the time the hurricane hits the coast!

I’m not sure what the Haitians, Cubans et all have done to piss off God (or maybe God’s aim was simply a bit off the mark this time), but it certainly looks like the Republicans are going to get theirs. Unfortunately, so will a huge number of innocent bystanders, who are either already facing the aftermath or are currently being evacuated from the hurricane’s path.

Maybe when they are back on their feet, the Haitian, Dominican and Cuban governments ought to consider suing Dobson…it would certainly be an interesting court case (especially if God was sent a subpoena! biggrin

God’s sense of irony seems to also be coming into play on a couple of levels. Hurricane Gustav is due to hit the US mainland coast almost 3 years to the day that Hurricane Katrina pretty much leveled New Orleans. It makes you wonder if God is just against the rebuilding of a city 20 feet below the water table.

Whatever the reason, I can only hope that republican bigshots are at this very moment kicking Dobson’s ass up and down the halls of party HQ and issuing statements to all the other greasy, bible-thumping hayseeds throughout the US Gorm-belt to stop with the praying-to-screw-the-democrats thing, when the Almighty seems to have leanings in the opposite direction as a result.


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One Comment for: Reciprocity on Republicans

  1. Visitor Comment # 1

    Living elsewhere from the USA one is sometimes persuaded that all the residents of USA are equally moronic.But then you come across a site like yours.

    It gives you hope, not a lot, but at least some!

    Keep up the good work?? NO…just keep on irritating, pointing to the madness etc.etc.

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