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June 2019
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Olympics British Style


In view of the ongoing heavy rains in the UK, representatives of the British government and the London Mayor’s office have met with the emergency committee of the IOC to propose a number of 11th-hour changes to the upcoming London Olympic programme.

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson has announced that all Olympic staff will be undergoing SCUBA lessons this week and his office are currently in the process of buying up wetsuits, fins, masks and snorkels from every dive shop in and around the Red Sea. Supplies of diving equipment in the UK have already been appropriated and set aside for use by visiting dignitaries, due to their virtually-unused and near-new state. … more »

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Rant: An Open Letter to the British Electorate

John Major

Dear fellow voters,

I’m sure you enjoyed (as I did) watching the worms at Whitehall squirm as they got their arses roundly kicked in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election yesterday, as they also did in the recent local elections.

I’m certainly no fan of either the government or the Labour party in general, but before we start down the road of handing the next election to the Tories, let’s take a quick stroll down amnesia lane…to the last Tory-held government of 1990 to 1997…
(insert squiggly line scene fade and surreal music here)

… more »

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HMRC Database Fiasco – you couldn’t make it up!

Self Assessment Form

In a recent post, I asked if Americans were truly the most stupid people on the planet.

They may well be, but when it comes to incompetence, it appears that some folks here in Britain are not far behind, at least in the “Whoops! Apocalypse” stakes.

And at least the American morons tend to do us all the dual favours of:

… more »

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