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July 2019
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Meet the new boss…

David Cameron - Prime Minister (foreground) & Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister (on right)

Well the UK 2010 election is now over…and at least it’s been an entertaining one.

As usual, the British version of “organisation” (known everywhere else as a “cluster-f*ck”) swung into play, with scores of people prevented from voting for a range of reasons including lost or insufficient ballot papers, lack of staff, resources etc.

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So long…and thanks

Bramshill Estate Lake View

Well, my time at the NPIA in Bramshill is now over. It was a very busy 9 months working at my favourite client site and I got a lot done, but as always time caught up with me.

I will miss the terrific team that I was part of, the fantastic site I was lucky enough to work at on and off for over 4 years, the fab meals and the challenging work.

Like any contract, it had it’s down sides on occasion, but on the whole I feel pretty lucky to have worked there.

Ah well – that’s enough looking back – time to look down the road.

So long folks – and thanks for all the fish.

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Songs of Faith for the Devoted

Tosh outside the O2

The Depeche Mode gig at the O2 stadium in London on Saturday 20th February 2010 has been a long time coming.

Having bought the tickets over a year ago, the planned 30th May ’09 gig offered the usual agonizing wait, but then to find it was postponed for another 9 months was excruciating! However, the day finally arrived and not without a little anticipation – not only to see Depeche Mode again, which I have only seen live twice before, but also for the venue; the London O2 Arena I had been told is an amazing stadium and with great acoustics.

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Rant: Crappy new year

A lot of Champagne Corks

What a shite few months we’ve had!

A seemingly endless list of personal problems, work issues and general winter maladies left everyone pretty tired and depressed by the time Christmas rolled around and we were looking forward to some quiet time to recharge the batteries and get ourselves back on a more even keel.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

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Discworld casting session

Terry Prachett's Colour of Magic

It’s been a rather hectic couple of weeks. Long hours, late nights and leftovers. So it was nice to chill out this afternoon with some fresh pasta salad and watch The Colour of Magic on DVD.

In combining the two books: “The Colour of Magic” and “The Light Fantastic” into a single production, emerging British media company the Mob has come up with another winner.

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The Vimes theory of boots

Motor Patrol Boots

I am not one of nature’s shoppers. True, I tend to pop into town around once a week, but it’s mostly to pick up some single essential item, do some banking, get something repaired or swing by a bakery.

I’ve had the same watch for fifteen years and the same mobile phone for five. I don’t own an iPlod, Blackberry or any other similar hand-held gadget. I drive a 14-year old Ford and my TV is still a clanky old tube-job with a roughly square screen. I do confess a weakness for cheap second-hand books, CDs and DVDs in good condition (which makes me popular in the charity shops) and sometimes, I’ll pop into Waterstones to see what’s on offer, but that’s about it.

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A year in Bramshill

In the last few weeks, life has been crazy busy, especially in relation to work; both the work I’m currently doing and the volume of work being offered to me.

I recently pontificated about this to a degree, but since then I’ve received two offers of RedDot work, both based in London and paying a rate that makes me salivate even now.

And I turned them both down.

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