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November 2009
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Discworld casting session

Terry Prachett's Colour of Magic

It’s been a rather hectic couple of weeks. Long hours, late nights and leftovers. So it was nice to chill out this afternoon with some fresh pasta salad and watch The Colour of Magic on DVD.

In combining the two books: “The Colour of Magic” and “The Light Fantastic” into a single production, emerging British media company the Mob has come up with another winner.

Almost all the casting was pretty damn good, but some actors were uncannily well fitted into their character roles. Witness Jeremy Irons as the Aesthetic, dour and somewhat sinister Patrician, David Jason as the luckless, hapless Rincewind the ‘wizZard’, David Bradley as the aging (like teak!) Cohen the Barbarian, the Discworld’s most famous hero. These guys almost seem born to play these respective roles.

Other roles were initially a little surprising; I never would have thought of Sean Astin as a logical choice for Twoflower the tourist, but he really brings the character to life and the rapport between Astin and Jason is classic.

After the film had finished, we started talking about what actors and actresses would be ideal for other Discworld characters.
Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:-

Discworld Character Suggested Actor(ess)
71-Hour Ahmed : Mark Strong
Angua : Samantha Janus or Sarah Alexander
Carrot Ironfoundersson : Mal Barter
Cheery Littlebottom : Jessica Stevenson
Granny Weatherwax : Maggie Smith
Greebo (as a man) : Johnny Depp
King Verence : Jason Flemyng
Lady Sybil Vimes (nee Ramkin) : Dawn French
Magrat Garlick : Emma Chambers or Sally Phillips
Moist Von Lipwig : Simon Pegg
Mrs Cake : Miriam Margolyes
Nanny Ogg : Patricia Routledge
Otto Von Chriek : Michael Praed
Ponder Stibbons : Nicholas Lyndhurst
Sacharissa Cripslock or Adora Belle Dearheart : Anna Friel
Sergeant Colon : Bob Hoskins
Sam Vimes : Clive Owen
Voice of Detritus : Ray Winstone
Wolfgang Von Uberwald (Angua’s Brother) : Hugh Jackman

Who would be on YOUR list?

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