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June 2019
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Bill Bailey Classic

Comedic genius Bill Bailey shows how the U.S. national anthem played in a minor key makes it sound Russian.

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It’s aLIVE!

Awesome Gig at Lovelands this weekend.

Magic! cool

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Parting Glass

This is what I want played at my funeral…

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Emily Barker Bliss

Emily Barker Bliss

Another winter is passing and on a dark and stormy night, we built a fire, poured a healthy measure of a decent fiery spirit and settled down to watch Kenneth Branagh in the first two series of Wallander.

While I found the series itself interesting and entertaining, by the time I had watched just a couple of episodes, I was much more intrigued by the theme tune; a haunting folk arrangement which even reduced to only a few bars for the opening credits, made every hair on the back of my neck stand up straight.

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Flip Grater days

Flip Grater

Photo Credit: Justus Nussbaum (Own work) (CC-BY-SA-3.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Last winter, I wrote a review of Flip Grater’s latest album of the time, called: While I’m awake I’m at war.

It was a fairly dark and stormy night, all electric flashes and distant rumbles. I had a good fire going, a whiskey in my hand and my feet up in a comfortable chair, listening to a few of the album tracks, while the rain fell in squalls on the tin roof. It was bliss! … more »

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Two good men pass

Gerry Rafferty at National Stadium
Pete Postlethwaite at Make Poverty History March

Not a great start to the new year. First the news of Pete Postlethwaite, then the news today of the passing of Gerry Rafferty earlier today.

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Flip Grater: Poetry in Music

Flip Grater - NZ Singer/Songwriter

Television in New Zealand can be largely summed up in 4 words: seven channels of shite.

It’s full to the brim with loud, brash, unfunny American and Australian crap, interspersed with even louder and brasher ads for half-price sales at Harvey the Rabbit or some such, about every 10 minutes. It’s basically a noise factory that in a very short period of time leaves the viewer numbed to the seemingly endless flow of static it spouts.

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