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May 2011
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Flip Grater days

Flip Grater

Photo Credit: Justus Nussbaum (Own work) (CC-BY-SA-3.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Last winter, I wrote a review of Flip Grater’s latest album of the time, called: While I’m awake I’m at war.

It was a fairly dark and stormy night, all electric flashes and distant rumbles. I had a good fire going, a whiskey in my hand and my feet up in a comfortable chair, listening to a few of the album tracks, while the rain fell in squalls on the tin roof. It was bliss!

The last few days here have been almost the polar opposite; beautiful clear blue skies, warm with a gentle breeze. Real shorts-and-jandals (aka flip-flops for those from the UK- Su) weather. The warm afternoon sun is perfect for kicking back with a cold beer and a good book, or to play the guitar a little (in between beers ).

Music is always one of the first things to get sorted when you move into a new place, but this time it was a bit more by-the-numbers and it took me longer than expected to set up the stereo and unpack all my albums. Perhaps I should ask Santa for an iPod this year.


Today I was browsing for something a bit special, to complement the afternoon’s golden glow and the amazing sunset and Flip Graters’ album certainly fit the bill pretty well.

I don’t think I’ve heard many artists whose work seems to fit two such different atmospheres.

Shame that “Careful” seems to have been co-opted by some housewares company in it’s advertising…but it’s still a smooth tune

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