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August 2008
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Rant: British Gas – Adding insult to injury

Light Bulb

I’d like to think this could only in the UK, but I suspect that’s not true…

Yesterday, I reported on how Centrica / British Gas had jacked up it’s prices by 35%, less than 24 hours after it revealed it made almost a billion quid operating profit in 6 months.

Unbelievably, when I got home this evening there was a package from British Gas sitting on my doorstep. The package contained…wait for it…four long-life light bulbs, and a booklet containing energy saving tips (which were mostly straight out the the bleeding-obvious manual).

An accompanying letter explained that:-

We’re sending a total of 52 million light bulbs to all of our customers. It’s just one way we’re giving Britain the green light to start saving energy and money.

Now call me an ungrateful git if you want, but I have a couple of problems with this…

Firstly, in view of the recent price march (which is like a price hike, except it’s vastly larger and lasts much longer) and the obscene profits reported by C/BG, this gesture seems to be taking the piss on a previously unheard-of scale. It’s a little bit like having a burglar break into your house, nick your TV, stereo, cash and jewellery…and then send you a package containing a free Chubb lock and a booklet from Neighbourhood watch on improving home security!

Secondly, since when do I (or any of us) need the “green light” from British gas to start saving energy? I get the meaning, but the letter seems to imply that we somehow need permission and/or leadership from British Gas on how to save energy!

Oi Vay!

What’s next? Tobacco conglomerates sending out cartons of low-tar cigarettes with an accompanying organ donor card and NHS voucher? Oil multinationals sending out free cans of WD40 along with a discount coupon for National Tyres? Biotech companies sending out free samples of GM soya beans?

Can someone please pass me a knife? I’m having trouble cutting through the irony of life!

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2 Comments for: Rant: British Gas – Adding insult to injury

  1. Visitor Comment # 1
    Anonymous : (Visitor)

    I’ve switched away from British Crass already

  2. Visitor Comment # 2
    John Lee : (Visitor)

    You do realise that the bulbs were paid for by the government (i.e. our taxes) and not by British gas? Their only acted as the distributor!

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