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January 2008
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Rant: British Gas (it’s all cash! cash! cash!)

'British Cash - Looting After Your Worldly Goods

Friday’s announcement that British Gas is increasing it’s prices by 15% would have been a bit easier to swallow, if it wasn’t for the increase in February 2007, the 12.4% increase in September 2006 and the 14% increase in 2005.

This represents an overall increase of 61% in the last 3 years, with a 37% increase in the last year alone.

While most of us would partially accept the official line from British Gas CEO Mark Clare, that higher oil prices and demand for gas on the international market are to blame, I find it hard to believe that British Gas are not using this situation to put the squeeze on their hapless consumers and increase their £1.25bn profits, as reported in August 2007.

And how come when wholesale gas prices fall, we as consumers don’t see a reduction in our usage rates for 6 months or more, when wholesale gas price rises seem to be implemented immediately?

Personally, I’m already taking steps to reduce my usage; I’ve turned the temperature down on the hot water tank, switched off the central heating (if I’m cold, I throw on a jumper) and I’m now looking at switching to a more competitively priced supplier.

Perhaps you should do the same…

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