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January 2008
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Happy New Year(?)

New Year 2008

Well – that’s 2007 done and dusted. A mixed year for us and many of my friends have said the same.

A few high moments, mixed with a fair number of lows, with a large dollop of indifference and daily grind/slog (especially in the 2nd half of the year).

Meanwhile there are a few ominous rumblings for 2008. The fallout from the Northern Rock fiasco and the impact of the credit crunch both continue to make headlines, as the one or two of the better known high street stores such as Marks and Sparks report some fairly bleak results as shoppers begin to half-heartedly attempt to rein in their spending.

More importantly, the government once again has shown the level of contempt it has for the British public, by railroading through plans to build a new generation of Nuclear power stations, despite promising a full public consultation less than 6 months ago.

Apparently the official concerns about terrorism in the UK only extend as far as infringing our civil rights and definitely don’t include the security implications of plutonium finding it’s way into the hands of Islamic extremists.

In London, 2008 will be an election year and already the Tories have managed to find an Olympic-class buffoon in the form of Boris Johnson to oppose our favourite newt lover Ken Livingston. This contest if of course small potatoes compared to the upcoming US elections, between the main candidates; a tosspot, a crawler and a crawling sleazy tosspot.

On the home front, I’m trying to muster enough enthusiasm to lose a chunk of weight and get a bit more exercise. Beyond that the only resolution I have this year is to try and find something to feel passionate about. Most days, it’s all I can do to get my ass out of bed in the morning.

Interesting times are ahead, I’m sure…

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One Comment for: Happy New Year(?)

  1. Visitor Comment # 1

    Nice to see someone avoiding new year resolutions.

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