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August 2008
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Olympic Flame - Salt Lake City, Utah (Winter 2002)

Anyone who knows me will tell you that in general I couldn’t care less about the Olympics.

While I can appreciate the commitment and self sacrifice that individual participants make in order to be the best they can be (and if at all possible, the best in the world), I loathe the inevitable dirty politics, shady dealings and backhanders that are now so interwoven into the whole spectacle, that they’ve actually become part of the fabric.

When was the last time we had an Olympic games not marred by drugs scandals, huge cost over-runs, civil right clamp-downs, forced relocations or environmental issues?

…erm, probably never. Stupid question really.

So, in a lighter (and hopefully sharper) view, I present a few Olympic-themed links from across the Blogosphere, all of which capture (at least in my view) the true spirit of the 2008 games. Each image clicks through to it’s original article source. Enjoy!

Welcome to Whitewash Country (opens in new window)

Origin of the Beijing Olympic logo (opens in new window)

China Olympics and Pollution (opens in new window)

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