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May 2007
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Falwell Kicks The Bucket

Hustler's parody ad of Falwell - 1983 (click to enlarge)

Todays news item about the death of Jerry Falwell has left me in a somewhat ambivalent frame of mind.

On one hand Falwell was an ignorant, fake, bible-thumping, god-bothering, Olympic-class, racist bigot of the first order and frankly, in my view the world is better off without his form of medieval morality.

On the other hand, Falwell’s views made him such a ludicrously comic figure that he was a fantastic target for a long history of satire, culminating with the world-famous Hustler Campari Ad parody, for which he (unsuccessfully) tried to sue … for this at least, he will be missed.

If there is a God, I genuinely hope (s)he manifests herself to ol’ Jerry as a Black Jewish Lesbian Democrat – just to see the look on his face.

RiH Jerry…

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3 Comments for: Falwell Kicks The Bucket

  1. Visitor Comment # 1

    Lets hope Pat Robertson follows him soon.

  2. Visitor Comment # 2
    Falwell sucked : (Visitor)

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  3. Visitor Comment # 3
    Gary Greene : (Visitor)

    So Long Jerry. give my regards to satan

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