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April 2007
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Monthly Archives: April 2007

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UK Bomb Plot

Thames House, London. Photo:Security Service - OGLicence

Today’s news that 5 men have been convicted of a bomb plot in the UK is a real result for the work done by the security services, who in the past haven’t always got it right.

Amid a seemingly endless list of political and operational gaffs by some segments of the Home office in recent times, today’s convictions show what can be achieved with the right combination of accurate intelligence, inter-agency cooperation and assistance from a vigilant public.

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Andy does the London Marathon

Andy at the London Marathon

It’s what he’s been training for, for months and today he joined the 1000′s of others to run the London Marathon.

Nice job mate – Bloody well done!

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Rant: One rule for us and another for THEM!

Norman Baker - Hero of the HourNorman Baker – Hero of the Hour

Heartening news on the Beeb today; Former Conservative chief whip David Maclean tried – and FAILED – to introduce a private members bill to exempt MP’s from the Freedom of Information act.

Thankfully, the bill was effectively thrown out during initial debates (many thanks to Lib Dem MP Norman Baker and a handful of MPs from all parties who managed to talk out the planned bill by making sure the debate continued for five hours, ensuring that the bill now goes to the bottom of the pile of private member’s bills.)

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Top Marks for Andy!

Andy has outdone himself this year in raising money for Brain Tumour UK.

Not only did he organise a fantastic night out at Loch Fyne in Winchester, but he also persuaded 50 friends, colleagues and complete strangers to join him on the Reading Marathon!

Fantasic job mate! Thank to this and the many other fundraising activities you and many others have organised, Brain Tumour UK will be able to continue improving life for adults and children touched by brain tumours, and to establishing the causes of and finding a cure for the disease.

But the war isn’t won yet! So please help Andy and many other dedicated fundraisers by making a donation to this very worthwhile cause.

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