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April 2007
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Rant: One rule for us and another for THEM!

Norman Baker - Hero of the HourNorman Baker – Hero of the Hour

Heartening news on the Beeb today; Former Conservative chief whip David Maclean tried – and FAILED – to introduce a private members bill to exempt MP’s from the Freedom of Information act.

Thankfully, the bill was effectively thrown out during initial debates (many thanks to Lib Dem MP Norman Baker and a handful of MPs from all parties who managed to talk out the planned bill by making sure the debate continued for five hours, ensuring that the bill now goes to the bottom of the pile of private member’s bills.)

Martin Rosenbaum’s FOI blog has a lot more info for those who are interested in the finer political detail.

Beyond the issue of applying further restrictions to the Freedom of Information act, is the attitude that somehow there should be one law for us and another for MP’s. In his weak attempts to justify his private members’ bill, Maclean even went as far as to compare the relationship between an MP and a constituent as akin to that between a priest and parishioner.

This same inflated sense of self-importance can be seen in many levels of government. What civil servants like Maclean seem to forget is the second word in their title: SERVANT. They are paid to work for US, we are NOT paid to work for THEM!

That’s why today’s little episode is heartening. It shows me that there are some MP’s who DO care about doing the job right and it sent a message to the likes of Maclean that introducing ass-covering private members’ bills to avoid accountability is not acceptable.

I’ll drink to that!


24th April 2007Guardian article on what happened next.

17th May 2009 – I wonder why Maclean was so determined to pass this bill, maybe this Telegraph article might go some way in explaining that. Must be nice being an MP, when you can simply eye up the nicest flat screen TV and just add it to your publicly-paid-for (read: taxpayers front up the cost) expenses. eek rolleyes

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5 Comments for: Rant: One rule for us and another for THEM!

  1. Visitor Comment # 1
    Frank Wilde : (Visitor)

    be grateful you dont live in the US – freedom of information is a joke!

  2. Visitor Comment # 2
    Helena : (Visitor)

    it has always like this. grow up!

  3. Visitor Comment # 3
    Debby Anderton : (Visitor)

    And they wonder why no one engages in politics (except politicans) anymore

  4. Visitor Comment # 4
    Michelle Goode : (Visitor)

    Liars, thieves and hypocrites…what do we expect

  5. Visitor Comment # 5
    Curt Kerry : (Visitor)

    And these are the same prats who say to us: trust me

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