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November 2019
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A Good Winter Day

Sometimes, rainy days are a blessing

Well, it’s been a pretty good day, all things considered.

I awoke around 7:30 to find a steady rain falling. By the time I had washed and eaten, it was pretty clear that there wasn’t going to be much pruning done today.

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Redefining Indigenous

BOP Times cartoon (republished under the fair use terms of international copyright law)

I’ve only been back in New Zealand for a few weeks and already I’m sick of hearing about “the principles of the treaty“.

A typical example is today’s visit by a UN representative on indigenous peoples James Anaya, who said from what he has observed during his visit to New Zealand, treaty principles are too vulnerable to political discretion. Mr Anaya used the example of Te Reo Māori being made an official language, yet not made compulsory in schools.

What the…?

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Flip Grater: Poetry in Music

Flip Grater - NZ Singer/Songwriter

Television in New Zealand can be largely summed up in 4 words: seven channels of shite.

It’s full to the brim with loud, brash, unfunny American and Australian crap, interspersed with even louder and brasher ads for half-price sales at Harvey the Rabbit or some such, about every 10 minutes. It’s basically a noise factory that in a very short period of time leaves the viewer numbed to the seemingly endless flow of static it spouts.

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What were the poor kid’s parents thinking?

Line of Hawaiian Dancers

Quite stunned to read this morning about the family court in New Zealand who were forced to make a 9-year old girl a ward of state, in order to help her change her name legally from…get this: “Talula Does The Hula”.


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