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June 2019
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Fidel Castro: Iconic Revolutionary; Island Tyrant

Fidel Castro

Today, the man who had held on to power longer than any other living national leader except Queen Elizabeth II, passed into the West…

Whatever your political views about the man many referred to as: “the beard”, there is no denying that Fidel Castro was an iconic character and a central figure in the greatest dramas of the Cold War.
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Tomorrow is the 99th ANZAC day – the national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand.

Founded following the WWI Gallipoli campaign in which 2,721 New Zealand soldiers lost their lives, ANZAC day has long been a day of solemn memory of the ultimate sacrifice made by so many, in all subsequent wars.

In recent years we have seen the general scope of ANZAC day widen to also acknowledge and commemorate the many who worked in roles that were more ancillary, but no less important (and in some cases nearly as dangerous) as the troops on the front lines. They have included resistance members, medical staff and the workers on the home front. But the story of the conscientious objectors has been conspicuously absent from the ANZAC day of remembrance…until now.

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Meandering in Macau

Brightly lit Casino in downtown Macau

I’ve been to Hong Kong a number of times in recent years and every time I visit, a trip to Macau is usually on the to-do list. But somehow I always seem to run out of time.

This time was different. After getting settled in to the Eaton hotel on Nathan road, I started looking into the best way to visit Macau.

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Rawdons Online!

Rawdons new website is now online.

Visit Rawdon's website now (opens in new window).

It contains pretty much everything that a new recruit would want to know, so if you have ever thought it might be fun to give the whole reenactment thing a go, check it out. It’s well worth it.
And well done Su for doing such an excellent job! biggrin

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Bye Bush (a poem)

Truer words...

Written in the wake of this week’s visit by the evil bastard

You started out with buying off Republican selection,
you had your cousin rig the votes in Florida’s election,
your daddy talked to his old pals, Donald, Ken and Dick,
and they agreed to help you give democracy a kick.

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Rant: Phorm Storm (or when ISPs become ISPyers)

No Phorm! Image: S.Lawrence, Bandanna Club

Would you consent to your phone lines being permanently bugged or all your mail (in and out) being read, so you could be sent advertising leaflets matched to the information gained on your personal interests?

Would you as a business person, allow someone onto your premises (or to bug your phone / read your email) whose ultimate aim was to collect details on how to contact your visitors and customers, in order that your direct business rivals could thus target them with their own advertising?

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