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The diaTribe blog is our occasional take on life, the universe and everything. Observations on current affairs, the environment, politics, humour and music/gig reviews. Travel diary and extreme sports stories, along with the usual rants/raves are also chucked in for good measure.

June 2019
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ArchivesBy Author: Su

Occasional blog article writer (very occasional), graphic designer and scripter for diaTribe. You can read about Su in her about page in the Bandanna Club website.


Richard Briers: A Good Life Well-Loved

Richard Briers (Mar 2009)

It was with profound sadness that I learned of the death of Richard Briers recently.

Born in Raynes Park, Surrey in 1934, he was the second cousin of actor Terry Thomas (with the famed gap in his front teeth). Richard’s mother was a music / drama teacher and pianist.

Leaving school at 16 with no qualifications, Richard first took a job as a clerk, and briefly dabbled in electrical engineering; before being called up for National Service at age 18.

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Sandhill Crane: Nebraska’s Majestic Migration

Flocks of Sandhill Cranes

Something is happening in Nebraska on the Platte River, that is heralded as one of the greatest natural spectacles in the US.

Every year around Valentine’s day, culminating in March and on through to April, hundreds of thousands of Sandhill Cranes congregate on the Platte River (South Central Nebraska), forming huge flocks and using the sandbars as a nighttime roost.

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Beale Park – Worth a stroll

The Wild Horse of the Valkyrie. Photo: Bandanna Club

It was a gorgeous sunny day, our options were working in the garden or a day trip somewhere interesting … there was no contest. smile

I suggested the Child-Beale Trust. I hadn’t been there in years and Phil had never been. The Thames valley and surrounding area is particularly picturesque, so it seemed like a good idea.

Beale Park was formed by Gilbert Beale in 1956 who decided to donate this beautiful 350-acre park to ‘the people’ by converting it from private farmland into a non-profit making, charitable trust. More information about the history of the park is available on the Beale Park website.

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Greywell Stroll

Greywell across the fields. Photo: S.Lawrence, Bandanna Club

Another grand day out, this time to Greywell in Hampshire which is just a short drive from Basingstoke.

For all those that believe Basingstoke is unattractive, well the surrounding countryside is spectacular. With trees dressed in their new spring green and cascading with blossom, the air was full of fluffy seeds that shimmered in the sunshine and dusted the water; giving a slightly mystical atmosphere to the afternoon.

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Rant: Phorm Storm (or when ISPs become ISPyers)

No Phorm! Image: S.Lawrence, Bandanna Club

Would you consent to your phone lines being permanently bugged or all your mail (in and out) being read, so you could be sent advertising leaflets matched to the information gained on your personal interests?

Would you as a business person, allow someone onto your premises (or to bug your phone / read your email) whose ultimate aim was to collect details on how to contact your visitors and customers, in order that your direct business rivals could thus target them with their own advertising?

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