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December 2012
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Your Blues Name

BB King playing trumpet

Love the blues? Ever wanted your own blues name? Use this handy chart to find yours…

1. Use your FIRST initial to find your first name

A=Fat J=Boney S=Blind
B=Buddy K=Curly T=Big
C=Sticky L=Pretty U=Yella
D=Old M=Jailhouse V=Toothless
E=Texas N=Peg Leg W=Screamin’
F=Hollerin’ O=Red X=Fat Boy
G=Ugly P=Sleepy Y=Washboard
H=Brown Q=Bald Z=Steel-Eye
I=Happy R=Skinny

2. Use your MIDDLE initial to find your middle name

A=Bones J=Fingers S=Bad Boy
B=Mooney K=Boy T=Baby
C=Harp L=Liver U=Chicken
D=Legs M=Gumbo V=Pickles
E=Eyes N=Foot W=Sugar
F=Lemon O=Mama X=Willy
G=Killer P=Back Y=Tooth
H=Hips Q=Duke Z=Smoke
I=Lips R=Dog

3. Use your LAST initial to find your last name

A=Jackson J=Washington S=Davis
B=McGee K=Smith T=Franklin
C=Hopkins L=Parker U=White
D=Dupree M=Lee V=Jenkins
E=Green N=Thompkins W=Bailey
F=Brown O=King X=Johnson
G=Jones P=Bradley Y=Blue
H=Rivers Q=Hawkins Z=Alison
I=Malone R=Jefferson

Mine is apparently: Sleepy Fingers Lee

What’s your blues name?

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2 Comments for: Your Blues Name

  1. Author Comment # 1

    On a related note, this is very funny

  2. Member Comment # 2

    It would be a bit unfortunate if your initials were JAG.

    Then your blues name would be: “Boney Bones Jones”.

    But then again … maybe that’s a good name, it’s certainly a memorable one.

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