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July 2009
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Back in the NPIA

Bramshill House at Sunset. Photo: Bandanna Club

Well – it’s offical. I’m back at the NPIA again…and it look’s like I’ll be with them for a little while…

As always, I had to hit the ground running and already I’m looking at some tight deadlines for a couple of key website launches. Still, it’s nice to be back at the old familiar places and see the old familiar faces.

Looks like I’ll be based in London for at least a week (probably 2) before I return to my old desk at Bramshill. That should work out OK as 2 weeks in London is about all I can handle at any one time.

Interesting that there seems to be real demand for RedDot work, since the OpenText takeover – in the last month I have been approached about no less than 5 contract roles; all paying very well and most the agents seem desperate to fill the requirements.

It’s been kinda nice to be in demand again, after years of putting up with the normal levels of agency bullshit that most contractors experience (not returning calls, screwing up the contracts, lying about the requirements, stuffing up payments etc). It was also very pleasing to be able to dispense with the most useless agencies and focus on the few that employ staff with brains larger than a grape. wink

Anyhoo, it looks like it’s going to be a busy few months.

Better get a drink or two under my belt before I get back into it…

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2 Comments for: Back in the NPIA

  1. Visitor Comment # 1

    G’day Phil,

    For some reason this only popped up in my RSS feed today (though it seems familiar somehow – have you updated it, or have I ignored an email?) – Are you still in London, and are you at the NPIA headquarters on Victoria street? If so – you are basically across the road from me – we should do lunch!

    Can’t say I’ve noticed extra demand for RedDot work – but then I’m spoken for until October which sort of puts a damper on any immediate positions.


  2. Visitor Comment # 2

    Reading this I almost would have to reconsider to come back to Europe! If only Melbourne wouldn’t be so damn awesome! Hehe!
    Glad to see that you have a good time up there.


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