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February 2009
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Bonuses for Bankers? Bollocks!

Banker Bonus


Despite the fact that their selfishness and greed has dropped us all into the worst financial crisis for decades, RBS, Northern Rock and HBOS bankers are still planning to pay themselves bonuses!.

And like the bunch of Muppets that they are, there appears to be a strong possibility that the government might let them do it!

It became abundantly clear yesterday that bankers have completely lost touch with the real world. At the same time that new unemployment figures were released (showing an increase to 1.97 million) and a handful of senior bankers faced a “grilling” by a toothless Select Committee, some bankers still had the unmitigated gall to claim entitlement to bonuses!

One “total banker” interviewed on radio yesterday, even made the extraordinary claim that he should get his bonus because:-

“I only earn £90,000 a year”

Is this arsehole out of touch or what?

Frankly, I’m astounded that any bank employee should expect any form of bonus. And those working for the banks that have been bailed out by the taxpayer should consider themselves bloody lucky that they still have jobs! Just before Christmas, some 30,000 employees at companies such as Woolworths were not so lucky…

Mid-level bank managers and other pointless pundits have issued dire warnings: if bonuses are not paid then many banks may lose their key people.

But where exactly are these “key” people going to go?

Certainly not to other banks; none of them are hiring! And most other industries in the finance sector (insurance companies, investment houses etc) already have their full quota of unproductive, useless, thieving, greedy bastards…which they are looking to jettison in the near future.

To my way of thinking, the biggest potential danger is letting some of these greedy fantasyland figures loose in other industries. But since most other industries only pay bonuses based on positive results (if they pay a bonus at all), I don’t think we have much to worry about in that direction…

So here’s a message to all bankers from those of us still living on Planet earth:

When you have helped dig us all out of this huge hole and truly learned the meaning of Accountability, then we can talk about bonuses…MAYBE

Until then …

Then Can Kiss my ass!
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3 Comments for: Bonuses for Bankers? Bollocks!

  1. Visitor Comment # 1

    I met a banker last year on holiday in September. He said he “only” earns 100,000 a year which is nothing. He said he was able to look at the salaries of colleagues which ranged from 150.000 up to 1.500.000.

    As far as he told me “it’s all negotiation”, he said, that they lost their consciousness about money.

    Maybe I should just switch to banking?

  2. Visitor Comment # 2
    Grant MaClean : (Visitor)

    Glad to hear today that the AIG scumbags have been forced to pay back their bonuses!

  3. Member Comment # 3

    Adapted from a Terry Pratchett quote:

    “They were, in fact, being referred to as bankers, which was definitely many letters of the alphabet away from how they were usually referred to.”

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