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November 2007
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Rant: Big Brother lives

DNA helix with old fashioned ID Card

An interesting article on the Beeb’s website in which Ministers have played down reports that compulsory ID cards for all Britons are to be scrapped has filled me with hope.

In politics there is a kind of “reverse spin” that seems to be applied whenever MP’s are looking for a way to back out of bad legislation proposals without losing too much face. One of the ways they do this is to insist that plans are proceeding or (the real giveaway) start to “play down” reports of whatever. See the words “play down” and in most cases you can be assured that the legislation being proposed is doomed.

However, today’s issue of the Evening Standard reveals a disturbing increase in the Police DNA database over the last 10 months, where up to 150 entries are being added every hour. The database currently holds DNA data on 4.5 million Britons – some 13% of the population (or one person in seven). It’s also officially the largest database of its type in the world!

What appears to be happening is a kind of ID card system by the back door.

In the words of Private Fraser: “We’re Dooomed!

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4 Comments for: Rant: Big Brother lives

  1. Visitor Comment # 1

    They are a law unto themselves.

  2. Visitor Comment # 2
    Sam King : (Visitor)

    Its a joke isnt it?

  3. Visitor Comment # 3
    J Bannerman : (Visitor)

    Love it!

  4. Visitor Comment # 4
    Staccummajota : (Visitor)

    Tell em to stuff it!

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