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England win ashes

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Recession solved by my bad investments

Wall Street

There’s been a spate of stories in the press recently, where various industry pundits are heralding the end of the recession.

In true pundit style, the sources are covering their arses by throwing in the “but let’s not get overconfident just yet” caveats, but the gist of it all, is that things are less crap than they were not so long ago.

And I reckon that’s at least partly because of me.

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Live Jive 2009

Live Jive 2009 (Kev & Carries BBQ)

It was great to receive an invitation to Kev and Carrie’s annual BBQ at their farm cottage just outside Basingstoke.

Last year’s gig was unfortunately cancelled for various reasons and when I heard it was back on this year, I was chuffed.

By the time I arrived around 2pm there were already a dozen or more tents pitched in the back yard and FuZeD were just tuning up and by the time I had popped the top of a cold beer and greeted a few pals, they were off and rockin!

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Back in the NPIA

Bramshill House at Sunset. Photo: Bandanna Club

Well – it’s offical. I’m back at the NPIA again…and it look’s like I’ll be with them for a little while…

As always, I had to hit the ground running and already I’m looking at some tight deadlines for a couple of key website launches. Still, it’s nice to be back at the old familiar places and see the old familiar faces.

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Hyde Park 2009

Big TV - Hyde Park 2009.  Photo: P.Mckenzie, Bandanna Club

The annual Hard Rock Callin’ gig in Hyde Park is always a good one and this year featured two classic headliners; Neil Young on the Saturday and Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band on the Sunday.

Unfortunately, this year tickets were snapped up at an unbelievable rate; so fast in fact that all I could manage to get hold of was a one-day pass for the Saturday. Disappointing, but certainly better than no ticket at all.

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Back to work – Rules for Contractors

Back to Work Rules

I’ve been up to London today to see about some work with an old and valued client (that will make ‘em laugh, back in the trenches!) and left London with me fingers crossed…

Also had a couple of calls for other contracts in my line of work; one in Helsinki and the other in London. Both interesting roles, but carrying a significantly higher inconvenience factor (iFactor). You know the story…more time, cost and effort getting to and from the jobs. … more »

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Back in Blighty

Tower of London  Photo: P.Mckenzie, Bandanna Club

Two weeks ago today, in the wee hours of Wednesday the 13th of May, my plane touched down in Heathrow and I set foot back on the soil of Blighty for the first time in almost 6 weeks.

It’s interesting watching how news and current affairs play out around the world. In Bangkok, the news was all about the political unrest and the riots (it’s rather disconcerting to catch a glimpse of the hotel you have just left, between rioters on one side throwing Molotov cocktails and armed soldiers on the other firing rubber bullets.

… more »

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