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May 2008
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Monthly Archives: May 2008

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Rave: The Future of Energy?


Already being done in New Zealand, but worth a look:-

Algae biofuels

…and this is worth a look too:-

GM bacteria that excretes crude oil

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Rant: An Open Letter to the British Electorate

John Major

Dear fellow voters,

I’m sure you enjoyed (as I did) watching the worms at Whitehall squirm as they got their arses roundly kicked in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election yesterday, as they also did in the recent local elections.

I’m certainly no fan of either the government or the Labour party in general, but before we start down the road of handing the next election to the Tories, let’s take a quick stroll down amnesia lane…to the last Tory-held government of 1990 to 1997…
(insert squiggly line scene fade and surreal music here)

… more »

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Hmmm – that sounds familiar

Charles on the Rainforest Issue

Nice to see bonnie Prince Charlie talking about protecting the rainforest from ever-increasing deforestation.

Most importantly, Charles is talking about the introduction of a rainforest tax, paid by wealthy countries to countries such as Brazil, in exchange for not continuing with the unrestricted chop-slash-and-burn approach.

Just over a year ago, we suggested the same thing

Looks like we are still ahead of our time ;)

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Rant: Cyclones, Earthquakes and the Olympics

China Earthquake 2008

What a noticeable difference between the responses of the Burmese military junta to the recent devastating cyclone that ravaged large parts of the Irrawaddy Delta and the Chinese government response to the 7.8 earthquake that hit Sichuan province earlier this week.

Both countries have been run by totalitarian regimes masquerading as one-party “democracies”. Both governments have a long history of human rights violations and both have not hesitated in the recent past to use lethal force against their own people while the rest of the world mutters “shame” and continues to do not very much at all.

… more »

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Greywell Stroll

Greywell across the fields. Photo: S.Lawrence, Bandanna Club

Another grand day out, this time to Greywell in Hampshire which is just a short drive from Basingstoke.

For all those that believe Basingstoke is unattractive, well the surrounding countryside is spectacular. With trees dressed in their new spring green and cascading with blossom, the air was full of fluffy seeds that shimmered in the sunshine and dusted the water; giving a slightly mystical atmosphere to the afternoon.

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Basingstoke in bloom

Bluebells - woods nr Vyne House, Sherborne St John. Photo: S.Lawrence, Bandanna Club

Spring has sprung in a spectacular fashion in Basingstoke and today we took a walk around The Vyne House in Sherborne St. John.

See the Photos.

We’ve been promising ourselves a spring trip to the Vyne House and surrounding forest grounds for a number of years now to photograph the bluebells in their full glory…and this year we actually managed it.

Britain in spring is truly marvelous.


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Election Inspiration

It Could Be You!. Image: S.Lawrence, Bandanna Club

Despite the suggested small increase in voter turnout, today’s local council elections got me to thinking about a different way of doing things…

Firstly – let’s assume that Douglas Adams was right: the mere fact that someone wants to represent you in parliament should immediately exclude them from ever being allowed to do so.

But if no-one who wants to be an MP or councilor is allowed to be and assuming we agree that at least part of the job is necessary, how do we decide who does the job?

… more »

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