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The diaTribe blog is our occasional take on life, the universe and everything. Observations on current affairs, the environment, politics, humour and music/gig reviews. Travel diary and extreme sports stories, along with the usual rants/raves are also chucked in for good measure.

May 2019
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Technology at it's most pointless

Rant: African Dictatorship for Dummies

Mercedes SL 500

(An excerpt from Robert Mugabe’s autobiography “My boyfriend’s back and there’s going to be trouble…”)

Are you having trouble with your peasant population? Are they starting to grumble about not having all the expected luxuries like enough food, decent housing and clean water?

… more »

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Stem Cell Therapy Advances

Stem Cells

An interesting article on the BBC website describes how the world’s first pure nerve stem cells – made from human embryonic stem cells – have been created by scientists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Milan.

The more I learn about this technology, the more excited I become with it’s potential for the treatment of a myriad of diseases and (long term) even the cure for a range of cancers and HIV – provided that proper screening is undertaken to prevent the risk of infecting patients with viruses and prion diseases, such as vCJD.

… more »

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Chavez tweaks Bush’s Nose

Oil Barrels

As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez continues to harrangue DEA agents, (who he accuses of spying on his government) it now looks like the flamboyant and outspoken “El Presidente” is prepared to hit the US where it REALLY hurts…in the oil barrel!

In a BBC News Article published today, Chavez has suggested that Venezuelan oil “instead of going to the United States, could go elsewhere”.

As Venezuela exports about 1.3 million barrels a day to the US and is the world’s fifth largest oil producer, one wonders how long it will be before the Bush administration claims that Venezuela posesses WMD’s (does cocaine count?) and invades?

Oi vay!

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Rant: Davina – get a LIFE!

Davina McCall

Dizzy dame Davina McCall is getting miffed about all those nasty little comments people are making about “Big Bother”. She claims that her critics are all “pseudo-intellectuals who have never really watched it”.

Sorry Davina, but right from the beginning this has been television equivilant of septic tank effluent and nothing more than a platform for a handful of fat, talentless, brainless chavs/trailer trash to show the world how truly stupid they really are…it’s all it ever was and all it ever will be.

And if – as McCall claims – the show’s contestants represented a balance of British society and are not “freaks”, then we are ALL truly in trouble!

For me, the one positive thing that has come out of this crapola “pseudo-television” is that it has finally pushed me to cancel my TV license…and I’ve never been happier!

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Thinking about Going Ape

A mate of ours has just booked us on what sounds like a bit of a larf…a place called “Going Ape” in the nearby Moors Valley park.

The Moors Valley website describes it as:

“an extreme high wire forest adventure, not for the faint hearted. Strapped into a harness, participants traverse from tree to tree just below the canopy and negotiate rope bridges, scramble nets, tarzan swings and zip slides. Go Ape! and enjoy 2+hours of adrenaline-fuelled fun, laughter and adventure.”

Well, I sure as hell could use the exercise and it looks like fun…watch this space.

See This entry for more details

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Well here it is…the Bandanna Club’s first blog! I’m not sure how this is going to work, so bear with me as I will undoubtedly digress into a few irrelevant tangents.

Before we get going, I suppose an introduction is in order…

Welcome to the Bandanna Club communal blog!

You can call me HKP (short for: Hong Kong Phooey) and for the moment, it looks like I’m editor by default. HKP is my nickname within our Sealed Knot regiment,Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote. Don’t worry…all will undoubtedly become clear in time…

Anyway, this blog is our take on the great illusion that is commonly referred to as life. We will try and keep it interesting, but you will of course be the ultimate judge of that.

Righto – that will probably do as an intro, so let’s move on…

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