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June 2019
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Luli Blue goes online

Luli Blue

Well-known belly dancer Luli Blue commissioned us to create a new website which showcases her expertise in the Egyptian style.

After applying the final touches and completing all the pre-launch testing, we finally published everything today.

Merry Christmas Luli!

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UCB bash

…at the George was a good one. Nice to see familiar faces I haven’t seen for awhile. Also nice to see that the future is lookin’ good for a great team, who are riding off into the sunset, but shortly to return better than ever!

See you all at the 2009 launch.

And remember…

You are not...


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Rant: And the hits keep on coming

Bernard Madoff Mug Shot

Jaysuz! Ya couldn’t make it up could you? Just when you think that the finance watchdogs of the western world couldn’t fuck up any worse, along comes the story of Bernard Madoff and his 50 billion pyramid scheme.

Not only did the SEC fail to perform even a spot inspection of this geezer as a matter of routine, they appear to have entirely ignored / failed to act on information received from an apparently reliable source, advising them of the large-scale Ponzi fraud being perpetuated by Madoff for years!

… more »

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Winter Poem

by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

'Winter' by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

Shit it’s COLD!

The End

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An early Christmas present to myself

Yamaha SLG100S Silent Guitar

I’ve been thinking about buying a collapsible guitar that is suitable for stuffing in a large suitcase for some time now. After looking at what was available and chatting with a few enthusiasts of various models, I settled on the Yamaha SLG100S.

Collapsible guitars are suprisingly hard to get hold of; I looked at buying one from an online retailer, but couldn’t find a supplier that either a) was based outside the UK but willing to deliver to a UK address or b) was based in the UK, had one in stock, with a decent reputation and was able to deliver one in a reasonable time frame.

… more »

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DNA Database Ruling: A Victory for Liberty

DNA Database

Yesterday’s news about the DNA database was most welcome to those of us concerned about the growing infringement of civil liberties here in the UK.

In one of the most decisive rulings to ever come out of the European Court of Human Rights’ (a unanimous ruling by 17 judges), the current policy of the Home Office to store DNA data of over 800,000 innocent citizens has effectively been shown to be what it is; a breach of civil liberties, which cannot be reasonably tolerated in a democratic society.

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Hopeless Home Office Harasses Hookers’ Habitue’s

Yamaha SLG100S Silent Guitar

After months of head-scratching, endless policy committee meetings and (no doubt) lots of expensive conferences and retreats at the taxpayers expense, Jacqui Smith our latest “Home Office Hero” has presented plans to further criminalise men who pay for sex.

And no surprise that after all the hoo-hah we find that the half-baked proposals, presented to the public are pretty much exactly like Smith herself; well-intentioned…but entirely unfit for purpose.

… more »

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