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June 2019
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R.I.P Ronnie

Ronnie Barker

Sad news this week about the passing of Ronnie Barker, who was a much loved figure in millions of homes all over the world.

As a kid growing up in the 70′s I remember “The Two Ronnies“, “Porridge” and “Open all hours” as particular favourites, but there were of course many others; the one thing you could be certain of, is if Ronnie B was on the screen, you would have a laugh!

Ronnie was also the first to recognise the talents of David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst and it could be said that he helped plant and nurture the seeds that would grow into the much-loved Peckham partnership of Del-boy and Rodney. He was also a prolific writer, an excellent actor and from all accounts a very nice bloke to boot!

So long Ronnie and thanks for the memories!

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“God’s” President?

Bush receives instruction.

In an interesting story on the BBC website, the White House have claimed that Dubya did NOT invade Iraq after being told to, by God.

Well that’s a relief! I’m sure the 350,000+ civilian dead will be as pleased as I am to know that the White House has not started addressing Dick Cheney as “God” (at least not yet).

I wonder why “God” doesn’t tell Dubya to invade countries without massive oil reserves? roll eyes

Anyone else know why…? confused

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Report on Going Ape

Don't look down!

Finally got down to Moors Valley Country Park – for the long-awaited high-wire adventure with Go Ape.

A full account is available on the Bandanna Club website and includes a photo gallery.

Cheers to Nick for organising a grand day out!

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Life-changing moments

Sunset Beach Get Together

It’s been an eventful week here…a week that has seen an emotional rollar-coaster ride of worry and relief, of sleepless nights and stress for all of us…

It’s all been related to a nasty health scare that one of our number found themselves subjected to…put simply, the words of a certain Mr. McGraw:-

“I spent most of the next days, looking at the x-rays, talking ’bout the options and talking ’bout sweet time.”

…were certainly ringing in my ears.

… more »

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Rave: Habib Koite

Photo Credit: by Tom Beetz (Habib Koit) (CC-BY-2.0), via Wikimedia Commons.

A couple of weeks ago, I popped over to see two of my best friends and to attend my Godson’s birthday party.

After all the little darlings had run out of the energy they obtained from ingesting copious quantities of processed sugar all day, we finally packed them off to bed and gratefully collapsed in the conservatory. Around midnight, we flicked on the radio and over a large coffee, listened to Bob Harris on BBC Radio2.

… more »

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Rant: Christian Coalition?

Oops! Another US blunder, highlighted today on the BBC website which should serve to remind us that religious extremism is by no means restricted to the Islam faith.

Right wing “christian” nutcase (and FAR more worrying – ex presidential candidate) Pat Robertson has publicly urged the US to assassinate the new thorn in their side – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

… more »

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Rant: Why does everything have to be child friendly?

Unused Playground

A recent story on the BBC website has got me thinking about an aspect of modern parenthood that has been a niggle of mine for awhile.

Why do parents seem to expect that every place has to be child-friendly?

Don’t get me wrong…I like kids and although I don’t have any of my own (I can almost hear all the parents out there dismissing my standpoint already with that matronising little limp-wristed wave that is in popular use these days). I appreciate the fact that for a long time, many places frequented by parents with young children had an appalling lack of facilities and this situation needed to be redressed.

… more »

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