How to tie a Bandanna

Well finally by popular request here it is ... how to tie a bandanna in 7 easy steps!

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1. Lay your bandanna out flat.

1. Lay your bandanna out flat.

Step 1

First you will need a bandanna (duh!) Depending on the size of your head we have found that a square of material (a soft cotton is best) about 60 cms (24 inches) square is about right.

Lay your bandanna out somewhere flat.

2. Fold in one corner.

2. Fold in one corner to the centre.

Step 2

Fold a single corner of your bandanna over, so that the corner point is resting roughly in the centre of the square of material (ie aligned horizontally with the two side corners).

Note: we have found that this is the best method of folding.

However the smaller the amount of fold then the bigger the final bandanna size will be (ie the more fabric you will then have to stretch over your head) and of course vice versa.

So it really depends on the size of the unfolded bandanna and the size of your head!

3. Hold Bandanna along folded edge ...... then place folded edge to your forehead.

3. Pick up your bandanna and place the folded edge to your forehead.

Step 3

Hold the folded bandanna at either side of the folded edge and place the folded edge along your forehead at the height you wish.

It may help to bend forwards at this point, as shown in the photograph to the right.

4. Move hands out towards the two side corners ...... then pull the two corners to the back of your head.

4. Move your hands outwards then, pull the side corners to the back of your head.

Step 4

Moving your hands outwards towards the two side corners, pull them towards the back of your head.

You can straighten up at this point, (which leaves the bottom corner of the bandanna forwards over your face and so making the next step a bit easier to do).

5. Tie a single knot with the two side corners.

5. Tie a single (half) knot using the side corners.

Step 5

Then simply using the two side corners tie a single / half-knot only at the back of your head, making sure it is tight enough so the bandanna is firmly tied but not uncomfortably tight!

6. Hold the knot and bring bottom corner backwards.

6. Hold the knot and bring the bottom corner backwards.

Step 6

With one hand hold this single knot so that it doesn't loosen too much, use your other hand to bring the bottom corner over to the back of your head.

7.  Tie another single knot ...... over the bottom corner.

7. Tie another knot over the bottom corner.

Step 7

Finally, tie another single knot, but this time over the bottom corner.

This effectively catches the bottom corner of your bandanna inside the knot, making sure the bandanna stays on your head.

Extra Stuff

You can adjust the tightness of the front of the bandanna by pulling on the bottom corner flap and tightening the knot at the back.

If you have enough material you can also tie a further single knot with the two side corners to make sure the bandanna is firmly secured.

Close up of the knot.... and what it should look like.

Close-up of knot ... and what it should all look like.

... or alternatively ...

Alternatively a slightly easier way to tie the bandanna ... after completing Step 3 ...

  1. Pull the two side corners to the back, making sure the bottom corner is lying flat against the back of your neck this time.
  2. Tie the two corners in a double knot above the bottom corner at the tightness that is comfortable for you.

That's all there is to it! Except to say a big thanks to Chris Derrick for taking the photos!

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